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Galabagh - The Restaurant at Bonjour Paradise Resort, Udaipur

Bonjour Paradise Resort, Udaipur, brings you the fine dining experience with our Galabagh restaurant. The restaurant brings you a multi-cuisine delicious delight from across the world to serve your taste buds. Our authentic Indian, Italian, and Chinese dishes are favourites among the crowd. Our restaurant creates a magnificent ambience with its stone crafted in-door and open out-door restaurant. The lush green garden and starlight on sky bundled with soothing live music will escalate your dining experience. Rajasthani folk music performed live at the restaurant by talented artists will mesmerize your soul.

Galabagh restaurant at Bonjour Paradise Resort Udaipur 13

Dine at Galabagh during your grand stay at Bonjour Paradise Resort, Udaipur.